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For gold & silver color there will be an extra charge.

24K edible gold flake, edible sugar decorations, real flower, cake topper.

Please refer to Cake Policies Form

A minimum of 7 days in advance prior to your event’s date is required to book an order.

Please select a time from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Delivery is available upon request. Fees may vary depending on location.


ORDER CHANGES: All changes must be made within 7-day notice before the event. To make changes please email us a new cake order form within that time frame.

BALANCE: Remaining balance is due at the time of pick up or delivery.

CANCELLATIONS: Any cancellations or rescheduling must be made at least 7 days prior to the scheduled date or else the client will be responsible for paying the full amount of services upon agreed in this contract. In the event that something occurs to affect the scheduled date, please let us know immediately to discuss options.

1. Delicious Minimalist is not responsible for any damage to the cake after delivery. The client is responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake.

2. Picking Up The Cake: If the client chooses to pick up the cake, the client should make sure that they have a clean/flat surface to set the cake while driving. It is not recommended to hold the cake while driving. After the cake is picked up, the client is completely responsible for the cake and assumes all liability for its condition.

3. Delivery: Delivery is available upon request. Fees may vary depending on location.

4. Design: All of our cakes are individually designed and hand-crafted, therefore there might be slight differences when duplicating any other existing design. (i.e. Instagram pictures)

5. Cake Decorations: While all of our decorations are edible (except real flowers and cake topper)  we recommend removing the flowers, cake topper and the edible sugar pearls before consumption. Chocolate, fondant decorations, and gold flake decorations can be consumed.

6. Social Media Pictures/Photography: We reserve the right to use all photographs for advertising and promotional purpose on our website, brochure, Instagram, or other social media platform. The signed agreement serves as a release authorization for such materials.

7. Allergens and Food Intolerances: Delicious Minimalist is NOT a nut-free operation. Allergens may include eggs, milk, dairy products, wheat, gluten, gelatin beef-derived, and other ingredients that may be allergens. The client agrees to notify their guest of potential allergy hazards and hold us harmless for any allergic or medical reactions. Any guest with food allergies is advised NOT to consume anything that may cause allergy reactions.

8. Liability: Delicious Minimalist is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to accidents, natural disasters, transportation issues, inclement weather, Illness, death, labor troubles, delay in supplies, disputes or strikes, or any other circumstances beyond our control. A delay in transit should not constitute grounds for a discount or a refund.

9. Confidentiality: All information provided by the client shall be treated with the requisite confidentiality and will only be available to us. Your personal details will not be made available to any other party without your express agreement.

At Delicious Minimalist, we thrive to give the client the best product and service as described above and as discussed with the client. We thank you for choosing us and are thrilled to be part of your special day.

By signing this form, I agree to the terms and policies. I understand and I have read the terms and policies.


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